the cats the cats smug mortimer our firstest cat and truly possessed, sadly no longer with us, she just lied down and didn't wake up one day, miss you little frootyboots 39454199 alfie the bastard he will bite he will attack though he is calming down a bit as he gets a bit older , he's gotta be at least 10 by now, unfortunately he didn't make it much further, a few days after our oldest dog popped her clogs, he made some strange noises, fell over and stopped.... 39454200 tosh sweetest cat in the world, brain damage and all, still going, but by god he's a pest, noisy little shit 39454201 otto and his amazing performing arse the little feller just keepin' it clean, he's turned out to be allergic to mozzie bites which make his nose swell up and turn seriously bright red, amusing to look at anyway 59135201 meg's new bed ottos larger than life twin sister refusing to let the dogs on the comfy bed or is it just the only bed big enuf for her arse daisy don't look happy and priscilla couldn't care less 59135202 princess meg is in the house meg just being sweet as usual, her arse ain't got any smaller tho 59135203 otto and his sunburnt nose being a cute pure white cat he burns like a ranga at the big day out, hence the chunky bits on his nose, he'll be having an inside sort of summer, poor lil' feller 59135204