trials bikes trials bikes odgies trials bike apologies to odgie for nicking the pic 39428785 bsa trials bike of the shiny variety cute ain't it/ looks a little pretty to take out mudplugging 39428786 tuff bsa trials bike this one looks serious 39428787 my bsa's tank and bars the tank's from a honda XR100 (i'm told) and the bars are reikon pitbike bars (i need high bars so i can actually see where i'm going [ to hit ] ) i thought it'd be good to get original style levers but they turned out to be crap so i'm getting modern shorty folding ones for it 57837054 bsa C11 frame C10 engine and 3 speed box frame stripped and ready for footpeg mounts to be welded, brand new motor built by basil from HEADWORKS in murumbena in melbourne, reworked oil feed, head lovingly caressed and the whole lot eased back together to produce (maybe) 12 happy little pitponies behind that sits a rebuilt 3 speed g/box 57837055 bsa front wheel actually it's out of a honda of some XR variety, but as it's going into a set of CB250RS forks it'll all be good, a new IRC front tyre and the front ends ready to go 57837056 bsa alloy guards generic alloy guards bought at bendigo swap meet last year for $5 each, a bit bashed and a few more holes than strictly necessary, but they should match the rest of the bike just nice 57837057 bsa rear wheel original 20" C10/11 rear wheel, due to financial constraints i can't afford an 18" rim lacing to the hub so i'm going with this one, there doesn't appear to be any 20" trials tyres out there so i'm going to use a 20" dunlop mx front tyre the rim needs blasting, painting and new brakes/bearings 57837058