spottys world of vmax (and great danes and models)


hello, this is spot, welcome to spotarama                                                                                     

well  it's taken a while but i've finally got hold of a camera (not mine, but there you go) so i've been out and tooken photos of me bikes,  the VMAX and the BSA.  check them out on the photos page, very cool, even if i do say so myself

the mad cat population is stable at 3 growed ups now but theres a danger of another one moving in soon , i'll see about some photos of them soon. Daisy and cousin bell  have both passed on to that great park in the sky but Hogan and Priscilla are still rockin'. There'sa new cousin down the street, Zeus the stupid harlequin puppy, photos eventually. 

finally got all the bits together to put an oil cooler on the vmax, there are photos in the vmax bit above, i shall take more photos as we progress and eventually maybe make it into a how to photo album with explanations etc.  i'll keep you posted

Still haven't got round to doing the oil cooler but the bike's still going (with a new motor after a small mishap involving 3 bottles of red and a couple of burnouts) Hopefully in the next week or two it'll be given a nice set of 6pot Hyabusa calipers which are sitting in a box with their shiny new brackets.

  cheers     spotty.                                                                                                                                                                  

hello, my name is hogan , i can count to potato